Maine-made Enameled Nature Inspired Earrings
Maine-made Enameled Riveted Bangle Bracelets
Enameled swing pendants are fun organic forms that are suspended trapeze style from a long chain. The copper forms are cut and formed to create a ripple edge evoking a bit of leaf or lichen. The enamel is applied and fired in layers leaving beautiful colo

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enameling is:

Cutting and shaping the metal using saws, anvils, hammers and drills.

Applying fine particles of glass with a tiny sifter over immaculately cleaned metal.

Firing with a torch or kiln at temperatures of 1450° F and higher.

Building layers and layers until the desired effect is achieved through different techniques such as scraffito, transparencies, stoning, and silver leaf.

Centuries-old technique of firing glass to metal!

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